1) Citrus Soap Spray - use at a 20% strength. Will kills most insects on contact, especially ants and aphids. Spray or soak soil and rinse after 5-10 minutes. May be purchased at any hardware store.

2) Diatomaceous Earth(pool filter powder)- During summer months this can be effective to control ant problems. Apply this to the base of plants where you have ant problems.May be purchased at any hardware store.

3)EM(Environmental Microbials) - Works well to introduce healthy levels of bacterial to soils that may have become hard and stagnant. Used in conjunction with composting can be a good natural way to promote root health on sickly plants. you can purchase at the EM Store by iwilei or also at Waimanalo feed supply.

4)Tanglefoot - sticky glue that is applied to the base of bushes or trees to stop ants from harvesting from aphids they are farming on your plants. Can be purchased at Koolau Farmers.


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